Perform With Us

And join some of the best performers on the circuit.

Benefits of Working with Earcandy

We get pretty enthusiastic about the people that work with us, and why shouldn’t we? They are the face of our company and the Earcandy brand.

Lots of musicians are interested in working with earcandy. We know this because we receive a large number of applications every day.

We think that these are the reasons why our performers enjoy working with us.

  • We care about quality.

Our aim is to provide our customers with an affordable package which exceeds their expectations.

This doesn’t mean just the musical quality. It also means professionalism, stage presence and styling, but most importantly our commitment to create memorable experiences for every single one of our clients.

We’re pretty hands on with our acts, and provide more direction than most agencies. And it goes two ways; many of our best performers have helped to shape our company by getting stuck in, sharing ideas and helping to improve each act.

We love working together, and creating mutually beneficial opportunities for our team and love it even more when this is shared by our performers.

  • We aim to get you busy.

Unlike many traditional agencies, we work closely with our acts, and aim to build up a good relationship with our Act Owners (band leaders).

Our aim is to get the best performers working as regularly as possible, and try to build a sustainable amount of work, year on year for our performers.

We believe that those acts that work on their stage craft and performance will improve the more they perform, and that it is rewarding for our performers when they have the chance to develop their act.


  • Work with some of the best

We only use the best performers, so when you perform at an earcandy event, you know you are performing with some of the best musicians on the circuit. We ask for feedback after every event not only from clients but also other musicians. This helps us keep a good pool of musicians to work with.

  • Opportunities 

We don’t work with performers that see the gigs as ‘just a function gig’. Our performers are motivated to make their act the best they can, and take a real pride in their performance.

We also enjoy working with performers that go above and beyond, and are excited about creating new opportunities with them.

Many of our full-time staff started their relationship with us as performers, and others have worked with us on projects to help grow the company. Having a positive ‘can-do’ attitude will go a long way.

Apply to Audition with Earcandy

  • What we look for:

We look for two main things when recruiting performers and sound engineers; Ability and Attitude.

We get hundreds of applications every year from extremely talented performers and engineers, that have had high-level credits and a lot of experience.

What sets out the performers that we work with is attitude. We believe in creating a positive ‘can-do’ culture within Earcandy, and that culture should be shared within the office, and throughout the acts that work with us.

These are the qualities that we look for when assessing attitude:

  • Professionalism and punctuality
  • Being open to feedback
  • Having a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Putting the client first
  • Feeding back, and genuinely helping improve and grow Earcandy
  • Open and honest communication

Who this isn't right for

We believe that being upfront is the best way to set expectations. There’s no point starting a working relationship if we’re not on the same page.

Earcandy events are not right for everyone, and in order to put the ‘Earcandy stamp’ on our events, there’s guidelines that our performers need to follow. Some performers don’t like this amount of structure, and it will never be right for these people.

Please only apply if you are comfortable:

  • Taking guidance in what you need to wear for events
  • Performing specific songs, along with backing tracks that add to your live sound
  • Being personable and professional at live events
  • Committing to the work that is offered

If you think the above sounds like something you would be happy with, please fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch if there are any opportunities coming up near you.


Your information will be used to contact you about the services we provide, through the contact methods you select above. Please call us or reply to any communication from us if you no longer consent to us storing your data or contacting you.

Earcandy Contact Details:
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Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm