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Silent Disco – The Party You Never Knew You Wanted

Posted on Aug 14 19

On the surface, it’s everything that you don’t want from a party. Complete silence. There’s no music. No talking, other than the quiet chat at the tables. But if you listen carefully, you’ll hear something else. It’s an odd sound, taken out of context: the vaguely rhythmic thud of pounding, shuffling, dancing feet. Mixed in with the occasional giggle. Look around at all the faces. Everyone is smiling, everyone is happy. Endorphins are surging. Flirtations are happening… It’s just all going on quietly.

Welcome to the world of the silent disco.

What is a silent disco?

There’s a lot of confusion about what a silent disco actually is. But in essence, it’s exactly like any other disco you’ve ever been to. Only quiet. Rather than having one playlist blaring out on enormous speakers, dancers are issued with a set of wireless headphones. They can select their own volume and – importantly – their own style of music. Then dance the night away in their own personal bubble, while mingling with everyone else. From the outside, the scene is extraordinary. From the inside, it’s spectacular.

Why would I want a silent disco for my event?

People book silent discos for various reasons. Some just like the novelty. But for others, the silent disco presents an opportunity for stellar entertainment when it wouldn’t otherwise be possible. So, if you’ve booked a venue that has sound restrictions in place, or somewhere where there’s simply no room for a band, the silent disco allows for dancing without serious noise or the need for a stage. Silent discos also appeal for occasions when you know that not everyone is going to want to be dancing and you don’t want to completely remove the potential for chat. Because while live bands make for an unforgettable party, they’re not always conducive to conversation. With a silent disco, even the dancers can talk; they just need to remove their headphones.

What events could a silent disco work for?

Short answer: anything where people might like to dance. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, bar mitzvahs, reunions, leaving dos and corporate events. While silent discos are often the primary attraction, plenty of people book them in to extend the party after the live band and/or comedian have gone home too. And the really great thing is that with a song list of more than 6,000 tracks, there really – genuinely – is something for everyone.

Earcandy silent discos have been devised to deliver the ultimate party experience. So, even if the venue is small, no noise is allowed and you want to dance until the early hours, there’s no reason not to keep the party going.

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