Set Up Guide


Find our handy guide for how long your live band should need to set up and sound check at most functions.

How Long Does It Take For A Live Band to Set up and Sound Check?


Bear in mind that your band will need to perform a full volume sound check.

Initially, this will be each instrument being sound checked individually (about 2-3 minutes per instrument), and then a full sound check of approximately 10 minutes with the full band performing.

This sound check is important to help ensure the sound is mixed properly to the venue’s room, is at a comfortable level and that the risk of ‘feedback’ is minimised. This will normally be carried out by a trained sound engineer – and we would always recommend that you book a sound engineer if you book a live band.

Sound checking times have been factored into the below set up and sound check times.

3 – 4 piece band 1 hour
4 – 6 piece band 1 and a half hours
7 – 10 piece band 2 hours


DJs sound check is much shorter than bands and usually lasts for about 5-10 minutes.

Stand Alone DJ 1 hour
DJ & Sax / DJ & Beats 1 hour
DJ Sax & Beats      1 hour and 15 minutes
Silent Disco 1 and a half hours


Daytime music will generally perform a sound check for about 5-10 minutes at full volume.

Harpist   30 minutes
Strings   30 minutes
    Acoustic Duo   30 minutes





What if my guests are in the same room as the set up and sound check?

Earcandy performers are used to setting up and sound checking in a variety of situations. If your guests are in the room whilst they are setting up, they will try to limit their sound check to what is necessary and aim to set up their equipment efficiently and discreetly. When it comes to sound checking, they will announce that they are about to sound check in order to minimise confusion for your guests.

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