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Thinking about throwing a party? We all love a good party. The guest list is the easy part, the live music can be a little trickier. Have you thought about hiring a live band for your entertainment? Live bands can add that extra special wow factor to your day whether it be for a corporate event or just a good old knees up with your mates having a live band play can really get people into the swing of things. Choosing the right company to manage this process can really free up some much needed time for you.

Whether it’s a low key private party or a cocktail reception in London, or some live entertainment for a Birthday in Manchester or a wedding party in Brighton ; earcandy are the UK’s finest entertainment agency with acts to suit a variety of occasions and private functions across the UK. So, if you’re looking for that WOW factor for your party then why not get in touch and see how we can help you make it the perfect day to remember.


Here are a few live party entertainment ideas you could use for the party you’re planning.

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Performing the sought after pop/rock party classics from 1960s to the present day, The Somebodys give an energetic performance with incredible stage presence. Starting from a three piece upwards, The Somebodys have been rocking audiences at all types of events from private parties to Festivals. Highly recommended for a wide range of age groups.


Black & Gold has thrilled audiences at events throughout the UK and abroad. With a mix of your favourite pop party music, this female fronted band will keep your party buzzing all night.


Groove Environment offers clients something special. With Soul/Disco hits ranging from classics to modern hits, you’ll find an act who know how to get the party started. Available in a wide range of lineups, they will suit larger parties and Corporate Events.


Motown Gold offers a classic Motown and Soul show, designed to keep audiences engaged. If you are looking for authentic soul with a touch of class, then this is the perfect band for you. Motown Gold can perform Private and Corporate events.


earcandy STRINGS

earcandy Strings is the perfect outfit to create a sophisticated atmosphere. With a range of tunes from classical to arrangements of modern tracks, they work well for drink receptions and can even perform for the bridal walk down the isle.


earcandy Acoustic Duo provides background music for drink receptions and whilst guests are eating. Wonderful arrangements of well known songs from old to new will fill the room giving you and your guests a relaxed atmosphere.

earcandy  SOLO SINGER

Love energetic live music, but have budget or space constraints? earcandy’s Solo Singer may be the solution for you.

Book one of our premium female singers, complete with an evening’s set of high impact tunes, giving an interactive experience. earcandy’s Solo Singer comes with lighting and audio equipment and is backed up by professionally recorded backing tracks.


If you are looking for something a little bit special, then this is for you. Rock idol is the UK’s finest Rockaoke / Karaoke band available for hire, inviting you and your guests, to get on stage and unleash your inner diva – with a totally live earcandy band backing you up. This is the most interactive live package available for weddings, corporate events and parties that will get everyone talking.

earcandy DJ’s

earcandy DJs give you more. That’s because we work with you to plan the perfect party, from your first dance up until the last song of the evening. With modern and stylish lighting, theming and DJ equipment specifically designed to be used for a variety of different venues, you and your guests will be thoroughly entertained.

 Live DJ for hire

There’s a party coming up this weekend, and it’s going to be the event of the year.  The venues going to be perfect, the food out of this world, and the attendees only the finest representatives of an elite social circle, yours.  This party will be talked about for years to come, the words “Do you remember the party they put together? Amazing!” dripping from the lips of those who can only scarce hope to imitate you.  On top of all the other perfectly organized elements of the party, the one thing they’ll all remember is the band that served up the musical selection that will forever bring that night back to mind.  All because you made the call to earcandy and worked with one of our Entertainment Co-Ordinators to hand-craft a night to remember.

The best party planners in town…

earcandy understands that dominating the social scene requires the work of a party-planning mastermind, and can provide such a mastermind to you. We have a record that is beyond reproach, bringing acclaim to those who have used our services to bring together events.  To ensure that you know exactly how we’re going to make your event an amazing one, we have provided contracts entirely legible to the busy party-planner, outlining every detail of the guidelines by which our planner and you will put together the greatest night ever!


It’s all in the detail..

No-one likes to think about this detail, but when putting together live entertainment there’s always an element of risk involved.  Here at earcandy we know exactly how to ease some of your concerns over that risk, as all aspects of our involvement in your performance is covered by our liability insurance, protecting you against the unexpected. In addition, all of our equipment and supplies are covered by PAT testing, leaving you with the assurance that should anything occur involving your earcandy contract, you’ll be covered! After all, as the one handling the event, you’ll be grateful for one less thing to worry about.



Your day, your choice…

Every party has a theme, and we know how hard you work to pull that theme together in every aspect of your event. From the venue, to the food, to the decorations everything has to be just perfect, unfortunately there’s no way to customize the band to fit your mood is there? With earcandy, there certainly is! You can change the style of clothing your performers present in, the line-up of their music to maintain a particular feel or theme. No matter what the visual feel you’re going for, or the particular vibe you’re trying to send through your music, your band can be completely personalized to ensure it fits right in!  Working with your co-ordinator you can decide on a particular theme and style, and they can help guide you to help it come to pass!

Hassle free fun…

There is nothing worse than trying to find a band for your party by shlupping through gumtree or the local classifieds.  You never really know what kind of quality you’re going to get, whether they’re reliable, and how many of their references are paid or friends of the band. Even if they are absolutely stand-up people, there’s no guarantee that something unthinkable might happen, a sickness in the band or even an accident, preventing your performers from arriving on scene. All of our performances are guaranteed, if something happens and the proposed band is unable to make it, your event coordinator will pull together someone to take their place that meets all of your requirements.

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We’ve been talking a lot about our event coordinators, they’re a fantastic bunch of people there to help you get all your details sorted out and make your party perfect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding reception, a birthday party, or something a little wilder, working with your coordinator will result in the best possible experience and a fantastic and memorable event for you and your guests!  Our coordinators are overflowing with creativity, and will take their innovative ideas and mix them with your vision to create the exact party atmosphere you were aiming for! earcandy and your co-ordinator will sit down with you to come up with the best possible musical atmosphere for your group. Whether that’s a hopping pop band for your birthday soiree, or a elegant string quartet to bring the proper memorable weight to your wedding reception, we can take you through our selection of earcandy performers and select just the right band and style of music.


On the tail of this a few tweaks and modifications to the bands style and you’ll have the perfect evening to remember! In combination with the years of experience, the ability to create your own perfect experience, and the amazing value of the service, you get another guarantee.  We make special contracts with the performers we work with, ones that aren’t matched anywhere else, absolutely ensuring you that you won’t find this band at a better price anywhere else!  Only earcandy can guarantee the best bands, custom tailored to your party’s theme at these prices!



Stop by and say hello.. 

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Get in touch with us today, and we’ll set you up with one of the earcandy family! With the assistance they provide you’ll be putting together a wedding reception that will last a life time, the birthday party to top, or just about any other party event you can imagine! We have an excellent reputation, an abundance of naturally talented artists and organizers, and the experience to take even an outside the box event and turn it into something profoundly reasonable, all at a great price!


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