Here’s some handy information about Earcandy.

How do I pay?


When you make a booking you will receive an email with invoice and payment details. In the email, there are instructions on how to make a payment. Please bear in mind that the payments may go to different accounts.

If you have lost the payment email, please call to speak with your entertainment coordinator on 0330 100 2820 (extension 3)

The payments can also be viewed on your client portal.


When do you need to receive all final details from me about my event?


We need your final details at least 4 weeks before your event in order to make sure that everything can be covered. If something changes after this point, don’t worry – if you call your entertainment coordinator, we will try to accommodate your requests.


What are your hours of operation?


Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm


If I have an urgent inquiry about my event outside of business hours, am I able to make contact with Earcandy?


You can dial 0800 230 0889 to get in touch with the next available sales representative.


Which performers do I get?


Earcandy acts are made up of a pool of handpicked and auditioned interchangeable performers and as such we do not guarantee any particular performer. The act owner ensures that the performers utilised will be the same style and quality of the promotional material even if they are not the member shown in the promotional material.

Working this way can help to ensure that all performers utilised are fully trained, prepared and meet Earcandy’s exacting standards, and helps to avoid the problems that occur with last minute ‘depping’ that occurs in the majority of other cover bands and agencies.

This means that not only do you get a more consistent performance, but we can also guarantee that your event will not be cancelled by the act.



How do I upgrade my booking?


There are a variety of upgrade options available to fully customise the look, sound and features of your booking. You can call or email your sales representative or your entertainment coordinator, and they will be happy to help.


What if I want to change my booked package after making the initial payment?


Changes can be facilitated at least 6 weeks in advance of the scheduled event and are subject to availability. You can contact your Event Coordinator to assist with this change.


Can the act perform my first dance?


Depending on the package that you have booked, your act can perform your first dance. Please ask your entertainment coordinator at least 4 weeks before your wedding, and this can be accommodated.

If the first dance song has different instrumentation to the act you have booked, the act can normally interpret the song to perform using the instrumentation that is in the act you have booked.


Do I need to provide the Act crew and or sound engineer?


For an act whose performance ends any time before 5pm the same day that the performance started, non-alcoholic drinks, including water should be provided. For all other events, we ask that food and non-alcoholic drinks, including water be provided to the act crew and sound engineer.

For further questions, please discuss with your Event Coordinator.


Where can I view disco package songs or Act songs?


If you have booked the Disco Package, you can view the song choices here: discopackage.earcandylive.co.uk

Act songs are available on their profile on our website. You can choose your act here: www.earcandylive.co.uk/view-acts and then scroll to their song list to see their full repertoire.


Can the act perform different songs other than those shown in the song list?


Yes, if you have booked the Premier package, the band will learn a song of your choice, otherwise, there’s a small charge for each act member to learn each new song.


What is the Silent Disco?
A Silent Disco is just like a regular Disco, except that instead of speakers, music is played on wireless headphones. When you book Earcandy Silent Disco, you get all the equipment that comes with Earcandy’s DJ packages and an Earcandy DJ to mix up to two simultaneous playlists for you and your guests to choose.


What kind of events does Earcandy cater to?


We cater to a wide variety of events and are open to most things, more frequently however are; weddings, private parties and corporate events, as well as festivals.


Where can I see the band perform before I book?


Do to the vast majority of our bookings being private parties, weddings or corporate events, public viewings are not that frequent.


How many people can Earcandy cater for?


We can cater for events from 40 to up to 10,000 people. Our sister company Earcandy AV (www.EarcandyAV.co.uk) can provide managed AV solutions to a wide size of events.


What are some of the things to consider when choosing your Act?


You should consider the following when selecting an Earcandy Act:

  • Floor size required for the act
  • Power requirements – 2 x 13 Amp normal power sockets
  • Whether the audio equipment will be suitable for the room capacity and number of audience members
  • Set up and sound checking times (larger acts take longer to set up)
  • Whether a stage is required
  • Whether your venue has sound restrictions
  • Whether there is free parking available at the venue for all personnel


I’ve booked a band, do they need to perform a sound check?


All band bookings will require the band to perform a sound check after setting up their equipment. This is an opportunity for them to test out levels, and to ensure the sound is ‘mixed’ correctly for your venue.

If your function room will be occupied throughout the day, it’s worth considering that the band do make noise setting up and completing the sound check. If you wish for the act to do this out of the way of your guests, we offer an early setup option, which comes at a small additional cost.


What affects the cost of my quote?


We believe in providing fair and transparent prices for our customers, and have built our packages aiming to provide excellent value without cutting corners.

  • The cost of your booking is affected by:
  • The location of the venue
  • The number of performers and personnel in your act
  • The date of your event
  • The number of guests and venue capacity as this affects the equipment required
  • Venue restrictions that may affect logisitics, or equipment requirements
  • The inclusions in your chosen package.


This is why we recommend speaking with one of our entertainment advisors to get a tailored quote for your event. You can call them for free on 0800 230 0889 and they will provide you with free advice.


What is Earcandy’s cancellation policy?

For Earcandy’s cancellation policy, please refer to our terms and conditions here: http://earcandylive.co.uk/terms-conditions


Can your acts provide PLI and/or PAT certificates?


All our acts have or can obtain, PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificates. We will require at least two business working days notice to provide this to you.


Earcandy Contact Details:
Main address: 17 Deer Park Road SW19 3QG London, GB ,
Tel:(+44) 0330 100 2820, E-mail: enquiries@earcandylive.co.uk
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm