How An Agency Takes The Guesswork Out Of Hiring A Band

Hiring a band for your event is not as simple as it looks. You can to do the groundwork to locate bands in and around your area, shortlist your options, interview the band, check references, and hope that you choose the right one. Hiring a band from a music agency will cut your work in half because the agency would vet and audition the band for you.

Even when using an agent, you’ll have to do your homework but it will not be as difficult as finding a band on your own. Since every agency has its own method of qualifying a band, it would be a good idea to question the agency about its procedure.


Some agencies simply accept any band that walks in while others use rigorous procedures to qualify a band before placing them on their roster. You should be especially wary of entertainment agencies that charge bands a fee to list them on their website or roster.  Therein lies a conflict of interest. Why should they care what the band sounds like or the quality of the band if they’re being paid a fee?

In spite of the shortcomings of some agencies, there are others who take their credibility quite seriously. They are the ones who do everything possible to vet a band and ensure that the bands they roster are of the highest quality. Bands usually reach out to these agencies through their promotional materials, but they’re chosen and investigated based on the impression they make.

The agency will see the band’s live performance, view demos, videos and live tracks. But they also do a lot more. They look into the band’s experience and they type of performances that they excel at. By doing this they are able to list the band in certain categories, whether it is for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and more.

An agency such as earcandy also do something that the average person won’t normally do. That is to check the band’s equipment. They ensure that the band has the type of equipment and all the equipment necessary for good sound quality. The agency will also verify that the band has public liability insurance and PAT certification to meet all legal requirements.

It’s not every day that the average person would hire a band. An agency knows exactly what to look for and by depending on their expertise, you’ll get the right band to perform at your event.



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 Why earcandy is the leading UK live music agency

When organizing a party, it’s tricky to get everything pulled together just right. There’s the food, the venue, the decorations, and of course the sound!  When you’re trying to get all of these things pulled together, what can you do?  The choices and variations seems nearly infinite, and well know that if you coordinate them wrong, the whole thing can be a disaster!  It’s at this time that the clever planner gets themselves in touch with an agency like earcandy. You know you can’t do it alone, so why not call on the experience and knowledge of an agency that comes with plenty of know-how! We stand behind our reputation to provide the best of entertainment planning services to be found anywhere.

Professional planning


A properly managed party will either be the highlight of the year, or an embarrassment that will never be forgotten.  So let us work alongside you to work out every little detail, we’ll set you up with an entertainment coordinator to set up the perfect event with you.  They’ll spend time pouring over the details, helping you understand what earcandy can provide as an agency, as well as going over our straight-forward Contract that comes with every earcandy event planning service.We provide a level of professionalism by making sure both parties are clear on the exact details of what they’ve agreed to, preventing any unpleasant surprises!


Let us stress, not you!

We know that with everything else you have to worry about when selecting an entertainment consultant, there is no desire to have to worry about extra insurances or liability coverage to go with everything else.  Not only that, but such insurances are more than a little difficult to find, especially on short notice for a single time event.  earcandy services come along with full liability insurance that will cover all sorts of potential issues that may arise in the process of entertaining your guests. In addition, all the equipment has been subjected to PAT testing to make sure that everything our team brings will be safe and in good working order. With these two things together you know that your event will be completely protected, and you can leave the worries of what might happen behind!

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Stick with the professionals

When selecting an a good music booking agenct, you need to know they’ll do whatever they can to provide a party that fits in with the needs of your event.  There’s always a baseline vision to a good party, and trying to bring everything together to meet that vision can be a real challenge.  From the location, to the food, and the decorations, you need to make sure it all fits together into a seamless whole.  With earcandy you can take that customization one step further, by making sure your band looks, sounds, and even performs the right song line-up to serve as the perfect backdrop to your party.  Nothing can bring a party together like the right band, and earcandy will make sure yours is a perfect fit!

Guaranteed performance.

Now that you’ve got the perfect band selected, you just have to hope they actually show up right?  When you select a band from any other venue, especially public commercial venues like craigslist or even word of mouth, there’s no guarantee that the unexpected won’t happen.  If they get sick, have an accident, or some form of emergency turns up there’s always the possibility they just won’t make it.  This leaves you in a tight spot since booking a band on short notice can be almost impossible!  Thankfully, with earcandy you won’t have to!  We’ll make sure you have your guaranteed performance, complete with last minute replacements in case something comes up.  Never worry that the band won’t be there again, we’ve got you covered, guaranteed!


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Personal Music Agent.

One thing the best talent booking agencies provide is someone set specifically to help smooth things out in the process of planning your event.  earcandy provides only the best in experienced and talented event coordinators to help bring together exactly the event you’re hoping to see come about.  With their years of working in the entertainment field, they know exactly what needs to happen to create the perfect experience for you, and will ask all the right questions to get your juices flowing in the process.  Let earcandy’s professionals guide you in the process of putting together the perfect nights performance.

Cost Affective

A major concern in choosing your agent is going to be cost, after all, with all the experience and know-how provided by earcandy, and the ability to customize everything you need, the price must be prohibitive. Even with all the services we provide we have endeavored to stay affordable to our customer base. Our acts are all contracted with us to ensure that we get the best prices you could hope to see from an entertainment group and its services.  An event isn’t going to be much if all it can afford is the band, and we work to make sure this isn’t going to be the case with us.   So contact us today and know that you’ll be getting the best services as the best rate available with earcandy!

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Chat with one of our team today.


Get in touch with us today to start crafting the perfect entertainment experience with our entertainment coordinators! We’ll leverage our copious experience, tailor fit your band to the needs of your event, and pull together an experience to be remembered by everyone who attends.  No matter what form of event you’re planning, from a wedding, to a birthday, or a retirement, earcandy will help you put together an event that will serve as a hallmark of those who are fortunate enough to attend.

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