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There comes a time in every Corporations life when “how to entertain?” becomes a question that must be answered.  Whether it’s clients, staff, or stakeholders, you’re going to want to make an impression that leaves a good taste in their mouths regarding your business.  In these times you can’t take a chance on a fly-by-night group to set up and manage your entertainment, as any setbacks experienced during the event will reflect poorly on your group.  They won’t care that it was the failure of the agency you hired, they’ll only care that they were promised live music, and none arrived.   Leaving this impression on any important member of your corporations family can be disastrous, so why take the chance?




Hassle Free.

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Let earcandy handle all your entertainment needs, and leave the worry to us.  earcandy has a nearly flawless record with it’s performances, delivering exactly what was promised every time. You canread a sample of testimonials from our happy clients here.  Like any other business transaction, it’s important to know the details of the arrangement you’re agreeing to, and to make our agreement easy and free from obfuscation, every aspect of what you’re signing on for is included in our direct, easy to read contracts.  With a signed contract you’ll have the security of knowing that both parties are firmly in agreement as to what is to be provided, and what your protections and options are in the event not everything turns out according to plan.

Covered by our insurance.


 Nothing is worse than hiring an entertainment group who’s insurance standing is unclear, or who is perhaps less than direct with their insured status.   In the world of business we know this can lead to huge liabilities for ourselves and our clients, and of course for the entertainers themselves.  With earcandy and it’s associated bands and contractors, you’ll know that all parties are covered in the event that something should go awry.  Not only do our bands come with full liability coverage, but all of our equipment has passed PAT testing, letting you know all of the equipment we bring is certified safe!  With all these concerns already handled by earcandy, we’re leaving everyone free to enjoy the festivities!




Tailored personal experience




We at earcandy are absolutely dedicated to helping you craft the exact experience for your entertainment you’ve envisioned. We know that every company has a personality, every event a theme, and sometimes it’s difficult to find that perfect musical performance to match everything up.  In some cases the bands line-up is wrong, in others they just don’t quite have the appearance you’re looking for, even if their overall musical style is spot on.

At earcandy you get the opportunity to completely customize every aspect of your bands performance, need your jazz band to be wearing Tuxedos?  We can make that happen, have a particular tone you want your crooner to keep the whole evening through?  That can be done as well!  No matter what your businesses needs, we will bring it all together to give the evening exactly the look and sound you’re going for. We can provide almost any musical experience you need to match your event.  From the ethereal ambience provided by a skilled harpist, the old world gala feel with it’s quartet of masterful stringed performers, or the young and hip corporation rocketing into the scene with an upbeat pop performance, we’ve can match your style, appearance, and need in the way that best represents who and what your company is.




Bespoke established market leader

We are able to provide the best in musical entertainment due to it’s meticulous nature. Unlike some agencies that will merely hire a band without ever having heard them perform, or knowing what their reputation is, we audition every single performer that will be working with.  After all, they are the very face and sound of our business, and we know that our customers deserve the extra time and effort to hand vet every band to make sure they give the stellar performance you deserve.  This also means that when you describe a particular sound or style you’re going for, we know exactly who to send that will match the desired flavor of your event.




We’re creative





We know that whatever your business is, it isn’t likely event management or entertainment services, or you wouldn’t be calling us!  It’s always frustrating when you call professionals of this type and the first question they ask you is ‘what are you looking for?’.  We know that you probably don’t have an answer to that question, it’s why you’re here to begin with.  Our Entertainment Co-Ordinators are professionals with years of experience and explosively creative ideas to make your event a day to remember, helping you make an indelible impact upon your clients, customers, or staff!



One size doesn’t fit all.




Packages in with all this experience, customization, and value comes one other guarantee.  You’ll be getting the best service, an event to remember, gleaming reviews from all of your guests, and we guarantee you will not find these performers available at a more reasonable rate anywhere else!  This is part of the benefit of working with a company like earcandy, we vet our performers, and our contracts allow us to make promises no other company can make!






4 Dos and Don’ts when booking your event 


Everyone knows you should pay attention to the major things in planning entertainment for a corporate event. But sometimes it¹s the little things that make all the difference. If your event is meant to bring employees together and create good memories, then it¹s a good idea to make sure the entertainment matches the culture of your company and employees.Check out the following dos and don’ts for  live entertainment to help ensure that your event is a resounding success.




Consult With Employees To Find Out What They Want: Don’t assume that you¹ll know what employees want. You might be way off the mark. If you¹re concerned that asking them what they want will raise too many competing interests, you can host an open forum so employees can present their cases to support their choices.


Pit Employees against Each Other : It might seem like fun to have employees or departments compete at a live event, but this can be dangerous. There might be laughter during the event, but the end result will be dissent and loss of team spirit.





Fill The Silence With Live Music. If your event is filled with long periods of uncomfortable silence, then it’s sure to be reported as a flop. You can make the music a part of the central theme, or have it play in the background to give people something to enjoy.


Use music from an MP3 player. Live bands are particularly more entertaining that using an iPod because there¹s much more interaction, and a band or DJ can bounce off the mood of the audience.





Serve Up Lots of Food : Food is a given for any sort of entertainment. People who are hungry cannot be expected to enjoy themselves, so don’t overlook the food.


Give Free Reign To The Alcohol If you are serving alcohol be careful that you don¹t make it easy for people to get drunk. At business events it’s not good when employees get drunk and do things they’ll regret later!





Match Your Entertainment To Your Audience:  Consider the audience age, interests,likes, dislikes, profession, level of fitness, and other demographics to determine the sort of entertainment you¹ll use. The choice of entertainment must match the audience if you want everyone to have a good time.


Make Interaction Difficult :  Remember that these outings are meant to bring employees together. Create an environment that will foster sharing and interaction. Your live band chosen for day of fun should know how to adjust the volume to facilitate interaction at certain times in the event.







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Get in touch today, and one of our Entertainment Co-Ordinators will walk you through the entire process of preparing the most memorable event your guests have ever attended.   We know how important it is to properly present your image and bring everything off without a hitch, and this is the kind of performance we guarantee.  So make sure that your event is going to be the most memorable gathering of professionals in your industry today, and call earcandy!

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