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4 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Posted on Jan 20 17

There are a few special occasions in your lifetime that you will want to remember forever. Capturing those moments, the smiles, the laughs, the emotion, is no easy task but when it’s done right, those memories will come flooding back from the past, no matter how long ago they were captured. That’s why you need […]

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3 ideas for an all-white wedding

Posted on Jan 19 17

One of the most traditional and effective wedding colour themes is white. A white wedding is a stunning theme to behold. Not only can your dress be the usual white, but you can dress the bridesmaids in white and even the groomsmen as well! White is not limited to just your plain white laundry style but […]

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Grooming the groom

Posted on Jan 17 17

Even the most rugged, manly man needs a good skincare routine. In today’s modern society, it’s even common to see men get facials! While most beauty and grooming tips for the wedding day are directed at the bride, we don’t want the groom to feel left out, so we put together a list of our […]

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4 tips to make your wedding makeup last all day

Posted on Jan 12 17

Wintertime landscapes are filled with romance and intimacy. When we think of the winter, picturesque scenes come to mind, long evenings and beautiful snowfalls filled with icicles hanging from the gutters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience a winter wedding? Fortunately, the winter is free from the heat of the summertime, so you can relax […]

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