Silent disco party for your event

At Earcandy, we’re all about creating experiences for our customers and their guests. That’s why we’ve added our new offering ‘Earcandy Silent Disco.


What is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is just like a regular Disco, except that instead of speakers, music is played on wireless headphones. When you book Earcandy Silent Disco, you get all the equipment that comes with Earcandy’s DJ packages and an Earcandy DJ to mix up to two simultaneous playlists for you and your guests to choose (and switch between!).


Asides from being a fun experience in its own right, there are some extra benefits when you book Earcandy Silent Disco.


Here’s the top 3:


1. Take the party with you (even when you have to pee)

With Earcandy Silent Disco, you and your guests can move around, go to the bar without that FOMO that comes with traditional discos – so you know you’ll never miss your favourite jam mid-song.

2. Remove your headphones for more than just a conversation

Yes, one benefit of a silent disco is that you can take your headphones off to have a conversation with your mates or family member without having to shout. But there’s a lot more fun than that. Half of the fun of Earcandy Silent Disco is when you remove your headphone and people watch. It’s a thoroughly entertaining (even heartwarming) sight to behold.

You know what feeling you get when the lead singer of a band gets everyone singing together. Now imagine it acapella, it’s An experience that’ll stay with you forever.

3. Keep the party going past curfew

Whilst Silent Discos aren’t exactly silent, they cause significantly less noise than traditional entertainment. That means that if your venue has a sound limiter or curfew, some will allow a silent disco to carry on past the curfew set. This can be great for your friends that want to party till 1am.



Song List

A list of over 6,000 best loved tracks, from old to modern chart hits available when you book Earcandy Silent Disco


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